Access to Tools

One of CRASH's goals is the dissemination of information. We would like to create a place to gather information and make it available to others. The purpose of this page is to act a resource, supply information, and show people other places they can go to get information

Of course, this is too big a task for us to do ourselves. We want help from the robotics community. Supply the information in web-ready form or even just a text document and we'll mark it up. We will link your informaiton to a personal homepage if you want. We would like this to be used as a reference source for those interested in robotics, computers, hi-tech art projects, artificial life, etc.


SWAMP -- The Southwest Alternate Media Project!
PolyCosmos -- David Santos' Brain
The Wonderful and Amazing Austin Robot Group!
Reactive Systems, Virtual Reality Software

Linux -- The Indispensable Hacker's OS
Python Language -- Highly Recommended
The Swarm Simulation System

Virtual Creatures by the Amazing Karl Sims!
Parallel Port Central -- Everything about PC Parallel Ports and Interfacing!
Comp.robotics FAQ
Meccano/Erector Set FAQ
Project Gutenburg
Samizdat Press, Free Books
Sarcos, Utah Robotics Firm News For Nerds

If you are interested in submitting something to this set of pages, please let us know.

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