Virtual Meeting Place

CRASHPAD is based on the popular MOO software developed by Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. It is a text-based world where CRASH members and Internet surfers can gather to talk, plan, create, and play.

Artifical Life Testbed

One of CRASHPAD's main purposes is to act as testbed for artificial life. As more software robots and A-life programs are being developed, their interactions with live humans and the realism of these interactions will become increasingly important. Our MOO can provide a place for these interactions to occur. Once completed, CRASHPAD will host a number of interesting and intelligent artificial characters. This web site will contain gzips of programming code for several different types of software robots, including the Maas-Neotek style of robot (like Julia).

CRASHPAD Construction

CRASHPAD construction is in full swing. If you are interested in working on the MOO, let us know. We need both programmers and people to design rooms.

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