Brico: Pluggable Robotic Components

Brico: Pluggable Robotic Components

The Concept

One of the central challenges of personal robotics is the continual re-invention and re-development of common hardware and software solutions. The Brico Project is an effort to develop a series of reuable hardware and software components to allow rapid assembly of robotic structures and programming of autonomous behavior. The hardware and software components are intended to be 'hot pluggable', sharing common styles of attachment points for physical assembly and a standard for data and power cable connections. We affectionately refer to the individual pluggable components as brics.

Virtual Robotics

We are current working on the design of software analogs of the hardware components using the Beyond 2 virtual world simulation framework. The intention is to experiment with the design of virtual robots as a way to further speed the development of real robots. In addition, the behavior that drives virtual Brico components will be downloadable into real Brico robots built from physical versions of the virtual components.

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