About C.R.A.S.H.
About C.R.A.S.H


CRASH.ORG is a collaborative virtual organization. We exist to bring together people with technical, educational, and artistic backgrounds to work together develop and distribute software, media, and virtual world environments. We facilitate hands-on events where children and adults construct and interact with physical robots, virtual worlds, digital fairy tales, and multimedia art projects.


Educational Goals


Mailing List
We receive a lot of requests for help and offers of help from folks all over the world. To facilitate connecting these folks we've set up a mailing list, hackers (@) crash.org, for the discussion of simulation, design, construction, operation, and application of robotics. To join, click here and sign up.


How It Began
CRASH.ORG was founded in Houston, Texas in 1994. Our original focus on was actual meetings in real physical places. Over the years our founding members spread out over the US to pursue commercial and educational opporunities. Today our collaboration is primary organized on the Net, with occasionally physical meetings as time and locality permit. Our focus is now on the virtual, which we find a natural fit for this brand new millennium. :-)